August 03, 2002
Texas Chili

Found this entry over at (a blog which has been quite insistent in not noticing us at all :P :) ). I grew up in Arkansas. We're not Texas, but we get a lot of texas-like attitudes a-la chernobyl-like radiation. Robert UK: Imagine if Wales, Ireland, and Scotland were to form a single cultural group. With guns. Big guns. And thought shooting at each other on the M3 (god I hope that's the name of a major highway in the UK) as a way of saying "howdy". That'll give you a taste of what Texas is like (if you haven't already visited the place).

My mom usta make chili like this. One day they had the neighbors over and one of them inadvertantly dumped an entire cup of sugar into the chili bowl. Said neighbor tasted the chili and, after his eyes stopped watering, said it hadn't done anything to the stuff.

Posted by scott at August 03, 2002 08:29 PM

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