August 03, 2002
The New Project

I leave one cat at my hospital, go shopping, enter my home and the phone rings.

They have a 12 hour old kitten that needs care. Someone just dumped him off at work. Everyone knows I know how to care for the itty bitty kitties so they give me a call and ask if I can care for it.

Ok, sure. We have not had a little one like this small in a long while. All of our cats know there is another cat in the house, but yet its not a cat. They are confused.

This kitten is so loud, it hurts your ears when it cries. It is VERY fussy at the moment because we are NOT mom. We don't smell, purr or sound like mom. It does not like us right now. It likes the fuzzy santa claus hat in the kitten basket much more.

At least it is eating, and going potty when you stimulate it. It is a 'painted tabby' kitten. Like Coconut, but has some holes in the tabby coat with white peeking through. It also has a mostly white face. He looks more like my Mom's cat Arbour that I gave her over a year ago.

I have to find my leather backpack though. This is the pack that I tote kittens around in. Makes it easier to take them places. Like EVERYWHERE.

Tomorrow kitten and I are going to hunt down some curtains that my mom is looking for.

I will keep you all posted on kitten. Plus, I'll let you all know if I found the curtains I was looking for.

Posted by Ellen at August 03, 2002 07:02 PM

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I remember a tiny kitten in that back pack during Good Friday Services at the National Cathedral in DC. Now she is a grown up, beautiful cat.

Posted by: Pat on August 3, 2002 11:04 PM
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