August 02, 2002

I have this kitten in a basket on my couch trying to recover from surgery today. Surgery was 3 hours long. We removed >90% of his colon. *which was the size of a sausage* He is still sleeping. Surgery was finished at 330, its now 5pm.

To give you a background on Creamy: kitten got dumped off to me at work. Kitten had upper respitory infection. We do all the standard treatment to kitten. I says, he has a very wormy belly, watch what dewormer we use. Kitten given a dewormer. Kitten becomes severely constipated to the point we are digging shit out for the next 8 days.

Yesterday I say enough is enough. Something needs to be done! I do another xray- he is WORSE than earlier in the week. Our only other option is surgery. Good thing we did it. He also had a small perforation in his colon. *probably from all the enemas and deobstipating.*

Surgery is uneventful. Anesthesia goes smoothly. *kitten is anemic to begin with, and is already pale and I cannot determine if there is a drop in blood pressure*. NO I don't have a blood pressure cuff. MOST small animal hospitals DON'T. Especially if you are a corporate hospital.

So I have 10 doses of Torbugesic to give this kitten every 2 hours after he is fully awake for visceral pain. I have my injectable cefazolin for IV antibiotics. I have my IV/SQ fluids to give this kitten. I have this kitten on a heating pad and checking it every 10 minutes to make sure he is not cold. I have to wipe leaky kitten ass often too.

The other cats in the house are not upset.*including Ted this time around. He is not bitching like he usually does* I think they understand whats wrong.

Keep your fingers crossed for my Creamcicle. #

Posted by Ellen at August 02, 2002 04:57 PM

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Fingers,toes, eyes, Luvy. Hope for the very best and watch out for the others getting upset. Glad to see the petition posted. Could you ask the people you are linked to to do the same? It is time to stop this type of cruelty. I can't think of any type of punishment that would fit this crime.

Posted by: Pat on August 2, 2002 05:32 PM
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