July 26, 2002
More Stupid Dog Owners

Apparently when a kid gets bit by a dog, *even if its the family dog*the adults in the house become incredibly stupid. Shut up before you start getting all bent out of shape because I don't have a kid ..blah..blah...blah....*save me from your bullshit OK?*

This article ia about a dog *family pet* to get euthanized because the family child decided to check out her 2 week old puppies. How fucking dumb are the parents to allow this? Pretty dumb if you ask me. Not only did the dog get euthanized* the owners wanted a rabies test--this goes into question, WHY your fucking dog is not vaccinated!* but her 2 week old puppies got the pink juice too. The reason was that there are no voulenteers to take care of the puppies..so next best thing! Line of reincarnation starts over there!

People are stupid. They should have to take a test in order to have pets and kids.

I am glad I was raised in a family with LOTS of pets, was taught to love them and you get what you deserve if you piss them off.

But thats me..and that will be my philosophy with my kid. * I forcast lots of scratches and bites in the future- "You wont yank on kitty's tail like that again right? You already lost 2 fingers today."

Hopefully this family learned a good lesson. Leave your fucking dog alone when it has puppies. Not every dog remains cute and cuddly when it has puppies.

Posted by Ellen at July 26, 2002 04:02 PM

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