July 11, 2002
Pet Passports

Great Britian has finally decided pets that meet the requirments not to go into quarantine!

Did you know the quarantine period there is 6 months? Long time. I had a client that had an ill cat have to go through that. Cat did very well. Nice facility, nice people. Thats still a long time though. What most people do not realize is the importance of maintining your cat/dogs vaccines. If you are not current, most likely due to country regulations, you will not be able to travel with your pet.

Time your trip well. If you KNOW you will be going to europe or Britian, make sure the pet is current on all vaccines at least 6 months beforehand! Call the damn embassy! They can tell you more than most veterinarians can! Most regular vets CANNOT issue an international health certificate. You need to find a vet that is certified from the USDA for one. * they do more than check meat ya know* I have several clients come in for one, get the certificate and immediatly go drive to Richmond, Va where one of the offices are and get it stamped to go out. Many countries REQUIRE the USDA stamp. ( these were the people that waited till the very last minute for a health certificate)

Here are the guidelines for a health certificate right from the USDA!!! I did your work for you!

If you do it right, you pass go and collect $200. If not, you are shit out of luck my friend and its the pet that suffers.

Check out the article here

Posted by Ellen at July 11, 2002 10:02 PM

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Posted by: PAT on July 12, 2002 04:02 AM

hi ellen
we are in 3 weeks taking our dog to portugal for 8 weeks with us i have the pet pass port for him weve had it for about a year but is that all we need it dos nt seem enough i have entry in to france and entry into uk just two pieces of paper in fact.So could you tell me if i will need some paper work from my vets it does state that he is up to date with his vaccinations
thank you

Posted by: hayley on May 14, 2004 04:26 AM
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