July 09, 2002
ENRON Voice Mail System

My Aunt Donna sent me this one via email.

Ever wonder HOW they get the same person to do just about every damn voice mail system out there? This is the same guy!?? WeIrD!~

ENRON voice mail system.

I'm sure all of you also know that the current issue of Playboy is the "Women of ENRON"- only had 4 nice looking chixes to pose nekkid. My question is * If these are the women of ENRON, are there only 4 of them total? or 4 only worthy of posing naked? * HMM......

As Scott would say " I don't look at the pictures..much".

Posted by Ellen at July 09, 2002 05:50 PM

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It seems to be a right of passage for wives/girlfriends to get their husband a Playboy subscription. It's kind of strange, but I'd be the last to turn down free boobies. :)

Posted by: Scott on July 9, 2002 06:38 PM
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