June 03, 2002
Stupid Forklift Tricks

"Pssst... *giggle giggle* Charlie... *snort*... I got a really cool idea!"

"Yeah Bob? What?"

"Let's move the truck before *giggle* Sam gets back with the *chuckle* forklift!"

"*SNORT* Nah... *hoot* we can't *giggle* do that!"

"*Giggle* Sure! C'mon! It'll be cool! I mean, what's the worst that could happen? "

You folks have to ask my brother Jeff to tell his story about the guy that got out of a tank, which slipped into gear, which got kinda personal with a Chevy Suburban. Did you take pictures of that one Jeff?

Posted by scott at June 03, 2002 10:24 AM

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Ok here is the story about the APC and the SUVs. In order to do maintenance on our radios in the vehicles (To include raising antennas etc) you had to start the engine. My platoon’s part of the motor pool was just a line of Chevy Pickup Trucks and Blazers. Directly across from us was a line of APC type vehicles (Mini Tanks that carry troops and equipment instead of big guns etc) Anyway these things were probably cast offs from the Vietnam War. They tended to spring leaks for no reason etc (Kinda like Scott's Alfa) One of the guys from the other platoon hopped into one and started it to run all the electronics and raise the antenna. I chose this point to go down to the motor pool bay to get something to work on my truck. When I got back the APC was sitting on top of two of our Blazers (Mine included). Apparently when he revved it up it slipped into gear, shot across the parking area and climbed onto two of our blazers (One under each track). The good thing about that was I no longer had to work on my Blazer much for awhile. Turned out the guy who was in the APC had been drinking heavily the night before (Which was no surprise since that was one of the major pastimes when you were stationed in Korea) I think they made him pay for the trucks.

Posted by: Jeff on June 4, 2002 07:08 AM
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