June 03, 2002
Big Cats!~

I LOOOOOOVE cats. The bigger the better. So by having 5 small ones, they kinda equal one big (well a medium) cat.

Big Cats

One day.....hrmm... many years in the future since I'm going to be stuck living in a city for most of my insane life, I want to do big cat resuce. Live on a ranch, with lots of big cats. Toss a horse over the fence *well ok, it will be in bits* and let them have at it. I also think partaking in a breeding program to keep the populations going would be rather neat too.

Apparently it is very hard to work with exotics. *just to get a job to work with them* Everyone and their uncle wants to work with them just to say they get to dork around with big cats. *hey, I don't blame them, its a cool perk*

One day.. :)

Posted by Ellen at June 03, 2002 10:20 AM

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I want one of those Little Spotted Cats! Please,please, please!

Posted by: Pat on June 3, 2002 03:40 PM
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