March 08, 2002
The Mind of a 15 Year Old

My sister Nina, or Neenah (how she spells it now) is 15. Very smart, bright girl. She is a total punk ass. She is also quite clever and amusing at times.

This small incident happened in October of 2001, at a pizza parlor in Washingtonville, NY.

NO, I'm not going to tell it like some elaborate story! It was just an amusing moment that had everyone laughing outloud.

My sister, as usual, was bitching and moaning on when the food was going to get to the table. Billy, our dad was also being a total smart ass right back at her. So she sits there and looks at him, and says back, "Dad, shut up, you don't know what your talking about!". "I don't?", he says. " NO! you never pay attention!" *This is the amuzing part* "You are either A. DRUNK!, B.TIRED! or C. BOTH! " she slumps back down in her chair as everyone at the table starts to howl with laughter. Our dad's jaw hit the table.

Billy is not a drunk * I mean, he drinks BUD for christ's sake!* Yes, he is tired. he works the dorky graveyard shifts. But the way she put it was too funny. Guess you had to be there. Scott and I still smile and laugh about the whole thing.

Posted by Ellen at March 08, 2002 06:33 PM

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