February 23, 2002
Orangie Update

I got a call today from work. It's my day off. Orangie is not feeling well at all today. They found him in his litter pan crying and not able to move.

Orangie was walking around yesterday, playing and loving on everyone that went past him.

I walk into work, they are unable to get enough serum from his blood to run some internal organ screening. What serum is there, is bright yellow. This is not good.

I sat there and held him for a bit, asking him if he was tired and thought it was time. It was. He did give me his signature face rub *what he could give me* and purred a bit when I walked in the room and scooped him into my arms. He just wanted to be held, to be loved for some time more. I was the only one at work that would let him sit on my shoulder when I did my morning rounds, and hold him up to my face and give him all the hugs and kisses he could stand.

It was fast, painless. He was gone in a moment. It was private. It was just me and Orangie. Brad was there to help me with the catheter and support.

I get his ashes back in a few weeks. To add to my growing stack of "All the cats I've ever known and loved." After all, Orangie only had me to love him. I know I did the kindest thing for him. I'm upset I coudln't do more.

I know Scott will tell me, "In a few days his spirit will run off to go and get reincarnated". I don't know. I still like the idea of the "Rainbow Bridge". I like the idea when I go, all of the cats Ive ever known and loved will greet me and we would all run off together.

Posted by Ellen at February 23, 2002 03:46 PM

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Oh E., I am so sorry, I just log on and read this.
I am at work and can't cry with you.

Posted by: Pat on February 24, 2002 02:22 AM


I'm so sorry about Orangie. I remember when we had to finally make the decision to put my best cat, Tiger, to sleep. It was hard and I cried for days and days. I almost think it was like I lost a sibling. Don't worry, I think that when you go, you'll have your cats there with you. That's the only logical thing to happen. :P~ But not for a long long long long time. Just think of how many cats will be waiting for you!


Posted by: melbernai on February 24, 2002 05:15 PM

:-( Almost made me cry. I am SOOOO SOORRRYY

Posted by: Jeff on February 25, 2002 01:34 PM

That story is so sad. I htought my cat was the only cat named Orangie, I was 6 when I named him I am now 19 and I had to put him to sleep in April. It was the hardest thing I will ever do. Orangie had Feline AIds. Orangie and I had a special bond. I had him for 13 yrs. I got him cremated as well. It has been a month and I still dont feel whole. I dont think I ever will. I loved Orangie more than anything or anyone. I will forever miss him. I hope he is happy now and one day we will be together again. In loving memory of the greatest Cat ever. RIP ORANGIE

Posted by: Heather on May 9, 2005 10:39 PM
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