February 08, 2002
To Declaw, or not to Declaw (rant)

I had a couple of interesting cases today..

I won't go into graphic details about cat declaws either. NO wait, I will. How would YOU like to have the ends of all your fingers chopped off and tossed in the trash because your favorite human *who you trust* thinks a 3 foot tall or taller scratching post is tacky to put up in the living room? OR that they just bought a new LEATHER couch?

I usually tell the owner to give me their hand and I take a scissor out of the drawer and say,"This is what is going to happen to your pet (shows where the cut will take place). It's orthopedic surgery. You are selfish, and you are punishing your pet for no reason".

*SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH!* If you don't want claw marks or scratchin, GET A FUCKING GOLDFISH! You own a fucking cat! Get over it! They have claws. Fuck you and your children who tease and play to hard with the cat. THEY DESERVED TO GET BIT AND SCRATCHED! But no, you decide its SOOO much easier to just take away the problem. Your problem is with you and YOUR children, NOT the cat!

I also like it when they say, "Oh, I just found out I was pregnant and I don't want it to scratch my poor darling offspring!!" (holds abdomen protectivly as if the cat will disembowel her and eat her unborn child). You are 'supposed' to laugh and just educate them by saying, "what the person hears you say-- NO NO! you silly girl! Your kitty is far too smart to go near your baby. You must learn to trim his nails weekly and teach your wonderful little child that the kitty is one of God's creatures and must be respected" What I actually say is, "Look, just because you are having a baby, doesn't mean its time to punish your cat for somthing that isn't here yet. You have how many more weeks till you are due? Get your cat used to nail trims, get it used to the idea of a new baby comming into the house ect.. and you CAN forget the idea about declawing it for such a dumb ass reason"

Some people still want it done, and it gets done. Some are really sorry they did it after the cat develops a secondary infection, *did I mention it takes 10-16 weeks for his feet to heal?* OR that kitty has decided that it's SOOO much better to piss and shit on the carpet cause the litter sand hurts its toes.

Some people you can change their mind. This works, they are smart and actually listen. To them, their cat is a family member and they were listening to a friend or other relative on how 'every cat' has had it done, and it's so routine.

I like the people you can change, the rest of them can go to hell.

Posted by Ellen at February 08, 2002 08:08 PM

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in a previous incarnation (one in which i was very stupid & ignorant) i had a cat declawed ... to this day i haven't been able to forgive myself, nor did she: never allowed me to touch her front feet again, in all the 23 years she lived with me ... i learned my lesson, but at the expense of losing her trust ... it will never, ever happen again!

Posted by: nocalgal on June 12, 2002 11:03 PM

Educate. Don't Amputate web site:

Posted by: nocalgal on June 14, 2002 02:36 PM

I love you, Ellen :) I'm so glad you're one of those vet techs who actually educates about declawing...my mom's cats are all declawed...and she lets them outside *in the middle of the country*...argh. all because some vet wanted to make a buck.

Posted by: Pam on December 19, 2002 05:34 PM
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