~May 19th at Casablanca~

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Dance Pages:
Performance Bookings: Call Bonita @ (703)569-8506

Classes: Call the Chinquipin Recreational Center @ (703)931-1127, in Alexandria, VA. Classes are held Monday Nights.
About Bonita:
  • Bonita is an international performer, now appearing in Washington DC metro area.
  • She has performed at Ethnic Festivals, Clubs, Resturants, and Television.
  • Her shows are tailored to suit corporate soirees or family festivities.

Bonita's Specialties:
  • Performs: Egyptian, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish,Latin/Arabic Fusion.
  • Performs with: Sword, Double Cane, and the Dance of the Seven Veils are available.

Performances Available For:
  • Children's Birthday Programs.
  • Bachelorette Party Classes.
  • Participation and other instructional, lecture, performance options are available upon request.
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