June 24, 2002

Ok, I officially hate the TIVO right now. It won't let me change the channel while recording. BUH-BYE recording. YEAH, YEAH, I called Scott and left a message. Plus I know better than to override the Farscape show on friday.

The house is quiet, except for the cats that have a hissy-spitty with each other on ocassion. Ajax in NICE and quiet. He has a new medication! *WOO-HOO* I know, not nice of me to rejoyce. BUT, if he was pissing on your carpet just because, you would feel the SAME way. He is now on Buspar! Yes, the anit-anxiety drug.

I get to walk around the house naked without getting jumped. I get to practice my belly dance stuff over and over again. I get to do lots of stuff.. got lots of time...yeah, thats it.

One thing that does change when Scott goes off on convention, is that ALL of the cats will sleep with me on the bed. Cat extacy!

But yea, I am lonely. I have no one to yell at Scott would say.

I'm still miffed about the TIVO though.

Posted by Ellen at June 24, 2002 09:26 PM

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1. Push the TV/VCR button on the TV
2. Switch the RECEIVER to TV
3. Use the **old** remote to change channels, change volume, etc.


1. Push TV/VCR button on TV
2. Switch RECEIVER to VCR

I'm back, everyone's got their hair on fire over here, once things settle down I'll try to do a post or two.

Posted by: Scott on June 25, 2002 11:57 AM

walk around the house naked? thanks ellen but i didnt need to know that....bad visions

your darling sister,

Posted by: neenah on June 25, 2002 03:44 PM
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