February 29, 2012
Tomb Time

Another year, another candidate for "Jesus's final resting place." While interesting in a "so that's how they buried Jews back then" sort of way, it won't be his tomb. Whatever else I may think about Christianity, I am completely convinced nobody ever found Jesus's body. The religion would've turned out very differently if his first followers had a genuine, filled, tomb to gather around.

Posted by scott at February 29, 2012 08:30 AM

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True. The odds of finding His tomb, even if marked Yeshua bin Yusef, and even if you don't believe in the Resurrection, hover just slightly above zero. Finding a grave marked Yeshua bin Yusef (Jesus son of Joseph) would be about as uncommon in Judaea 2,000 years ago as finding a tombstone marked John son of Bill today.

Posted by: Mark on February 29, 2012 09:25 AM
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