February 06, 2012
Le Tigre Maman

So last year it was the Chinese who had it all over "The American Mom." This year is it the French? The actual article is far less incendiary than the title, which is to say it's a typical news article.

This past weekend Olivia and I went to the DC car show. At various times she'd want some ridiculous thing or another and when I said, "no," she'd do this ridiculous puppy dog pantomime and blink twice. I'd blink back and still say, "no."

Finally after about the sixth time this happened I said, "Olivia, does that ever even work on anybody?"

She instantly dropped it like a discarded Halloween mask and said, "Yep!"



I'm sure she manipulates me in her own special ways.

Posted by scott at February 06, 2012 09:36 AM

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