October 31, 2011
Dead in the Ice

Remember all those poor, drowned polar bears? You know, the ones that swam their little hearts out and then simply had to shuffle off their mortal coils from sheer exhaustion? Yeah, about those polar bears. Every time I think the greens have finally proven their point, someone else on their team coughs up the ball.

Me, I disagree with their cures, not their diagnoses, but every time some "settled" science ends up being a glorified bird watcher poring over blobs on pictures and calling them dead bears, I end up doubting the whole enterprise just that much more. Not "denying," that wonderfully offensive term which somehow seeks to relate the lump on Chicken Little's head to the mass graves of Auschwitz, just doubting. Not that it makes a difference to them.

What things like this prove to me most of all is the green movement, at heart, has nothing to do with the environment. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

Via Instapundit.

Posted by scott at October 31, 2011 09:22 AM

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