October 10, 2011
Occupying Hypothesis


  • No celebrities have unexpectedly dropped dead.
  • Greece refuses to implode on a schedule.
  • The Republican candidates have all showed up, the hot one faded fast, the rest learned that, when the pin is pulled, Mr. Media is Not Your Friend.
  • It's the middle part of the college semester, when assignments are light, mid-terms are over, and finals are in the far distance.
  • It's an "Indian summer."

Hypothesis: The "occupying" movements are a perfect storm of bored students, unemployed hippies, nice weather, and a slow news cycle. Nothing more, nothing less.

Prediction: The "occupying" movement will fade rapidly as the primary season heats up, the weather turns cold, and finals start to rear their ugly heads.

Experiment: Wait for: a) the first day with a high below 50 in New York and Boston, b) a celebrity to suddenly keel over from a colorful drug overdose, c) a pretty white girl to become imperiled, or d) the Iowa caucus and/or New Hampshire primary to happen.

We'll see!

Posted by scott at October 10, 2011 03:57 PM

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LOL! Like I often say, "It'll be interesting to see how all this finally plays out."

Posted by: Mark on October 10, 2011 04:16 PM
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