September 05, 2011
The Reviews Keep Coming In

ESPN has lots of nice things to say about the Baltimore Grand Prix. Even someone obviously against the event gives grudging respect, although it takes a bit of wading through various political sniping to get to it.

We re-watched the event last night and both Ellen and Olivia said it was all much more interesting when we'd actually been at the event. It turns out I actually got on TV. If you know exactly where to look, and on which lap, are watching in HD and have a slow-motion feature on your DVR, you can see me for about sixteen frames exactly once. Well, my hat and my shirt at any rate. Mike Wazowski, FTW!

Posted by scott at September 05, 2011 07:51 AM

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I didn't realize that was you in Monsters, Inc....

Posted by: Mark on September 5, 2011 07:56 AM
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