August 30, 2011
A Holy Slow News Day

Observation: a fringe group of former Catholics who actually got excommunicated by Pope John Paul II deny, among many things, the Church's acceptance of the heliocentric solar system. Headline: A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrong.

Exactly why the LA Times decided to re-run the July 9 Chicago Tribune article last weekend isn't very clear to me. I think perhaps the first time around the breathless horror of the occasional secular blogger wasn't quite enough. Certainly the re-run has shaken another loose marble free.

The Wikipedia article doesn't mention this particular item explicitly. It does mention quite clearly these guys are reactionaries out of communion with the Church, and some were even schismatics.

In other words, they're so far out there the Church not only gave them the boot, it explicitly said a few of them were literally going to hell if they didn't wise up and get with the program. While the four who got excommunicated were let back in a few years ago, contrary to our first breathless blogger that does not mean the Church accepts what they teach in the least bit. It just means the priests have backed down to the point the Church doesn't think they're going to hell anymore.

Look, I appreciate a good "ZOMG! Look at what the wackos are saying now!" article as much as the next guy. It would just be nice to see, say, PETA's board of directors or Earth First!'s president held up in the same spotlight.

So, yeah, all you guys who scoff when Christians start talking about the MSM mistreating them? Here's a case in point.

And hell, I'm not a Christian. "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

Posted by scott at August 30, 2011 03:49 PM

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