June 28, 2011
Nose of a Dilemma

Making the rounds: a "nose-less" bicycle saddle may be both more comfortable and healthier than the more conventional alternative. What constitutes dignity in the cycling world never ceases to amaze me. Wandering around in tights is fine, but using a saddle that keeps the winky in good working order is not?

Me? No, no problems per-se, but I will admit to a certain mild, lingering discomfort in that region after a long ride.

What? Well of course you didn't need that image. Neither did I! Anyway, not sure if I'll try one of these or not. Need to do more research, I think. Oh, and kudos to the scare-mongering journalist... note the subtle shiv shoved (ha!) in implying such injury [pinky to mouth]may very well be permanent[/ptm]. In my case, at any rate, after some eight years of regular riding I can attest to no permanent impairment of any sort.

Oh, stop cringing. It's tacky.

Posted by scott at June 28, 2011 02:46 PM

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