September 04, 2010
Captain Priceline Boldy Goes to the Races

In promotion for his upcoming CBS sitcom, "@$#% My Dad Says" (really? How the @#$# am I supposed to use the Tivo to find that?!?), William Shatner has subjected himself to another in-depth interview. Having read at least a half dozen of these over the past thirty years, and seen the guy both in and out of character (albeit never in person), he seems to be exactly what he seems to be... a charming, funny, pushy guy who you either take or leave as he is. Having heard George Takei on the Stern show, I can understand see how the two personalities would never mix.

Still, the interview is quite interesting, and since the man's not quite 80 now, I can't see how we'll have him around too much longer.

Posted by scott at September 04, 2010 04:14 PM

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