September 01, 2010
On Longings and Cock.. iness...

Instapundit has a writeup and some extensive commentary on how Obama has gotten so bad people are starting to miss Bush. The last president I consider a complete disaster was Carter, and it took Democrats, what, twelve, fifteen years to rehabilitate him? Of course, back then it was the Republicans that got ushered into power after Democratic debacle. History has a funny way of repeating itself that way, eh?

And this comment tracks dead-on with discussions I've had with a few friends who proudly twirl along the left edge of the peanut gallery:

Every time Obamaís approval rating drops another point, [inattentive conservatives] infer validation that more and more people are seeing the light. It doesnít occur to them that his poll number are (among other reasons) dropping because liberals are angry that Obama/Reid/Pelosi havenít worked harder to advance the progressive agenda. Liberals disapprove of the fact that that Obama settled for Obamacare instead of embracing a true, single-payer system; because they watered down financial oversight instead of going for the corporate jugular; because they escalated the war in Afghanistan instead of forcing the new government to sink or swim on its own. The list could go on.

The Dems tossed out my side's dumb bastards in '08. It'll by my side's turn in November. I'm thinking the Tea Party just might ensure a more libertarian sort of conservative takes up residence, and if that happens I will be a very happy man indeed.

See you in November!

Posted by scott at September 01, 2010 06:16 PM

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