March 19, 2010

After, what, five years of trying to save disk space on our host, and hoping their bandwidth cops don't notice that we're, oh, at double our bandwidth allowance, lo and behold we have been f-ing gifted an unlimited bandwidth and disk space account from our host, HostingMatters. Old-timers will know, but others may not, that we moved here because one of our for-real pensioned vampire hunters threatened to sue our original host company because... oh hell, I'm not sure why, he still considers himself a professional vampire hunter, indignant enough to accuse us of "Deceit and Calumny".

At any rate, his links have all been rolled up and we're still here, going strong. So, if any of you have a hankerin' for hosting your own website, well, we have a secret. Drop us a line (our email addresses are over there on the left), and we can hook you up with the same unlimited package for an unbelievably reasonable rate. Wtf are you waiting for?!?

Posted by scott at March 19, 2010 06:46 PM

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