January 07, 2010
The Sound of Cultures Clashing

It's not exactly an original story. A person is stuck in a crowd of people they don't know who act in unexpected ways. That person creates a bridge to the strange people by presenting them with a gift of food or drink, which allows them to see they have things in common. The stranger is then welcomed to the group. It's a story much older than advertising, and in fact works well in commercials, except when the stranger is white, the crowd is black, and the audience watching the commercial is American.

The one thing that can always be counted on is America's over-reaction to race. There are reasons for this, some good, most bad. That's why this ad was never intended to be seen here, and bravo to KFC for sticking to their guns and not pulling it from its intended market.

Posted by scott at January 07, 2010 05:25 AM

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