September 17, 2009
Coin Cache

Good: Finding nine of the rarest gold coins in the US in a safe deposit box left to you by your parents. Bad: The feds snatch them away because they were "stolen". Good: looks like the feds are going to be forced to give them back. Maybe. One of the reasons the feds are, well, the feds is because they have a nasty habit of doing just whatever they see fit.

Posted by scott at September 17, 2009 06:52 AM

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Now the poor bastard who, back in 2002, paid $7.5 million for what **everyone** thought was the last remaining 1933 $20 gold piece (outside of the two the Smithsonian has) available for sale, will have to reassess his good fortune.

Of course THAT sale only came after another intense battle with the Feds over ITS legality...

Posted by: Mark on September 17, 2009 09:25 AM
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