July 22, 2008
The Long Wait...

... is over!

The good: Neal Stephenson has a new book coming out!

The bad: It's 1000 pages long!

I actually have no problem reading monstrous door-stops in principle. It's just that I've found that all too often in order to read a really nifty 300 page novel, I'm forced to wade through a 1000 page book. Seems to me the longer an author's been around, the more they benefit from an editor. Unfortunately it seems the reverse is the truth in practice.

Posted by scott at July 22, 2008 02:20 PM

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Oooooo! 1000 pages! I want! Actually, no I don't. I'm normally attracted to long books. I'm the sort of person who would read a book just because it is long but it depends on the author. I read Cryptonomicon and couldn't decide whether it was pretty good or a complete waste of time.

Posted by: Lynn on July 23, 2008 09:07 AM
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