June 22, 2008
The Most Important Meal of the Day

It's not (necessarily) the cereals in this retrospective of kid's cereals that's fun for me. It's the toys. I swear, I remember just about every single one. Even (especially!) the Nautilus. You had to put weird pills in it to make it work!

Posted by scott at June 22, 2008 12:10 PM

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I remember them too...my sister liked Quisp, and of course I liked Quake. Neither of us realizing of course that they were basically Cap'n Crunch in different shapes, in a different box. And of course being a Kraut, I had to get Baron von Redberry!

But yeh, it was the toys inside that made us nag the hell out of my mom until she caved. Of course, i was easily bribed to shut up with a box of animal cookies. Mom wasn't a fool. :-)

Posted by: Mark on June 22, 2008 03:55 PM

Hell, even I remember about half of those. The C-3POs were Alphabits with a different shape, IIRC.

Honestly, I don't think I ate many of those. Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Honeycomb, Alphabits, Corn Flakes (yech), and Sugar Smacks pretty much was all I ate.

Posted by: ronaprhys on June 22, 2008 04:42 PM
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