June 03, 2008
That Can't be Good

The latest shuttle launch appears to have caused "extensive" damage to Pad 39A. Complete with bits of said pad splashing into the lagoons surrounding the complex, no less. Apparently NASA officials are confident they'll be able to repair the damage in time for the next launch, currently scheduled for October. However, it seems nobody has a clear answer as to why, after some 80+ launches, one of the pads would fail in this fashion.

Update: More detailed pictures can be found here... It would seem the bricks departed with enough force to tear apart a stout-looking chain link fence.

Posted by scott at June 03, 2008 12:23 PM

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On your update link, it seem to be going to his "Parent Directory" page - not sure if that's what you intended.

As for the blow out, I wonder if it's just the way those things will fail? I'd guess that once a single brick came out, it's likely that you'd see massive failure. Could be wrong, but that seems right considering the conditions.

Doesn't say anything about the buckling of said pad, though.

Posted by: Ron on June 3, 2008 12:41 PM

wow, that's amazing!

Posted by: Mark on June 3, 2008 09:01 PM
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