March 09, 2008
Insert Simon and Garfunkel Reference Here

Even though a lot of it is puerile, I still couldn't stop scrolling through At its best, there's definitely a zen-like quality of surprised contemplation. The street-level walls of Pompeii are covered with stuff just exactly like this, proving we really haven't changed all that damned much.

For whatever reason, I especially liked this one. And the jazz one. But you probably already knew that.

Posted by scott at March 09, 2008 06:29 PM

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This reminds me of something I saw in the grad library at UT c. 1981. Written on the toilet-stall wall was:

Why make it sad to be gay?
--John Lennon

and written in a different pen, right underneath:

Why make it profound to be John Lennon

I laughed so hard I probably sprayed the walls!

Posted by: Mark on March 9, 2008 07:44 PM
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