November 26, 2007
Alfa Entry

Autoweek got its hands on an Alfa 8C Competizione, and apparently, It Was Good:

Exploding out of the underpass at 7000 rpm in fourth, with the tiniest dabs on the brake pedal and a tickling caress of the wheel, America's first Alfa Romeo in 13 years sneaks in toward the Armco. Even with no front grip left, it swallows the mashed throttle with a downward lunge onto the outside rear tire, flicks back to the right and then exits the 110-mph flip-flop with a gentle drift.

At $250,000 SRP, I'll certainly never own one, but it definitely sounds like it'll make a very big splash in the market.

Posted by scott at November 26, 2007 03:07 PM

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