November 07, 2007
An Alfa, for the Rest of Us

This... now this I might be able to afford:

Alfa Romeo, one of the biggest underachievers of recent years among Europes burgeoning premium car ranks, is aiming to place itself well and truly on the comeback trail in 2008, with a compact entry-level hatchback inspired by one of its most successful models ever the cherished 105-series 1300 Junior.

Unfortunately the nearby Ferrari dealership recently hung a Lamborghini sign on its expansion construction. I can't help but think it was meant, in part, as a sort of, "oh will you please just shut up!" sort of thing to Alfisti cruising the area. So we'll just have to see who and how close.

And, of course, how much.

Posted by scott at November 07, 2007 06:00 PM

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