October 17, 2007
Watch for Falling...

... deficits:

Thanks to George Bush's amazing deficit reduction plan, the budget deficit is now only 1.2% of GDP. If this trend continues, by the time George Bush leaves office, the budget will be within a hair's breath of being balanced. I can only hope that Democrats don't squander this precious legacy of fiscal responsibility.

Unfortunately it would appear the budget won't balance in time for the election. I have a feeling it will always be thus; like the carrot mounted on the end of a pole strapped to its head, the critter (be it elephant or donkey) will always be close but not quite close enough. As long as the pole stays short, that's fine with me.

Funny. I can't seem to recall a single mention of this sort of thing in the Post lately. Imagine that!

Posted by scott at October 17, 2007 03:25 PM

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