September 03, 2007
Wii Valving

Valve software, developers of the Half Life series, says development for the Wii is now a "much higher priority." Of course, he also admits the company has nothing in the pipe for the Wii at the moment, so whatever they're mulling over won't show up any time soon. Still, it's nice to see a "serious" shooter company taking an interest in this innovative platform. I think the first company that manages to meld the Wii's interface with one of the most popular genres in gaming will most likely find themselves with a license to print money.

Update: Everyone's favorite homicidal annelidans are also on their way to the Wii. Worms was a fun party game even on conventional consoles. If they do it right, it should be a scream on the Wii.

Posted by scott at September 03, 2007 04:26 PM

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