May 21, 2007
Diver Down

The DEPTHX deep-water probe has successfully completed its first mission. The probe, which is funded, designed, and operated by a variety of different public and private institutions, created a successful map of the floor of the El Zacatón Cenote in eastern Mexico. It showed a sloping floor that goes from 270 meters deep at one end to over 300 meters at the other. The discovery means a previous human effort to explore the floor, which resulted in the tragic death of one of the explorers, came within just a few meters of success. It's possible the Cenote connects to other underground caves, an option the team hopes to explore during their next expedition.

While this probe is far too heavy to represent something that could be sent to ice-covered Europa, it's hoped the technologies developed can be applied to a more purpose-built extraterrestrial probe.

Posted by scott at May 21, 2007 02:29 PM

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I find it interesting how deep they dived almost 900 feet, WHAT?! Must have some very special suits, it doesn't say if they used nitrox or something else isn't it really high pressure at those depths?

Maybe they breathed that liquid air stuff like in the abyss movie.

Pushing the boundries to be sure but not sure if scuba diving is worth dying for.

Posted by: Lane G on May 21, 2007 09:41 PM
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