March 01, 2007

The very first server I ever spec'ed, purchased, configured, programmed, and managed end-to-end at work was retired for good today. Our original "real" web application server, a Dell poweredge 2300, was provisioned and installed in 1998. It soldiered on through good times and bad, never being re-tasked (a remarkable thing here... servers usually do 2-3 jobs before they're shut down). It was still on its original OS install! NT 4.0!

So raise a glass tonight (as if you needed an excuse) and toast old soldiers who's job is well done. I'll be giving it an affectionate pat as I stick a TRASH tag on it and place it in the hall on Monday for disposal.

Posted by scott at March 01, 2007 03:54 PM

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Damn, I remember NT. It was stable when the concurrent version of Windows either had to be shut down every two or three days or it just died and likely lost whatever you were working on.

Posted by: ron on March 1, 2007 05:06 PM
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