October 16, 2006
Movie Time

Now our heads can explode at the same time our stomachs are churning:

Professor Stephen Hawking, Britainís world-renowned physicist, is to switch from theories of multidimensional space to the three dimensions of the Imax cinema by starring in a film that sets out his ideas on the origins and fate of the universe.

The film, Beyond the Horizon, will tackle some of the most daunting theories espoused by Hawking and other cosmologists, from the idea that space has up to 11 dimensions to the cause of the big bang itself.

As noted in the article, these concepts are notoriously difficult to explain (to mathematical dunces like me anyway) without dynamic visuals to assist. Looks like he's finally going to get some!

Posted by scott at October 16, 2006 01:40 PM

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