September 28, 2006
From Edge to Edge

Just to prove it is possible, we have this article from an author who's political views went from far left to libertarian:

The Far Left believes that bad policies come from evil motives. In this view, villains, such as powerful corporations, oppose good policies, and political incumbents lack the strength and courage to overcome the villains.

Libertarians believe that context is more important. We believe that government power is inherently corrupting, regardless of who holds leadership positions or how they are influenced. We believe that the market does a relatively good job of channelling self-interest toward socially desirable ends.

Long ago in college, I too once held beliefs which could be called far left. Fortunately I got better, and for most of the same reasons listed in the article.

Via Econlog.

Posted by scott at September 28, 2006 01:43 PM

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