September 06, 2006
Ares Update is carrying this summary of upcoming events in the Orion and Ares programs now that a contractor has been selected. The testing program looks quite similar to what previous capsule-based programs used, right up to the unmanned "dummy" shots.

Aviation Week covered this extensively in their latest issue, and one interesting thing they noted was how the Ares I rockets will be launched. The external crane system used by the shuttle will have to be raised at least 100 feet, making the final stack sixty feet taller than the Saturn V system. Since the base of the Ares-1 is nearly identical to that of a shuttle SRB, the rocket will be mounted over the shuttle exhaust port closest to the crane system on the mobile launch platform, giving the whole thing a decidedly asymetrical look.

Also of note is the people who will be building the escape tower system are located about a mile away from my house. Now to see if I can score a tour...

Posted by scott at September 06, 2006 01:57 PM

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