August 09, 2006
Drawing the (Poverty) Line

One of the biggest paradoxes folks who think the US is doing just fine must face is that in spite of growing anecdotal evidence that America's poor are actually far from it, the leading indicator of poverty says they've made absolutely no progress at all in the past thirty years. The solution? Maybe, just maybe, the way we measuer poverty is screwed up.

Now, I don't expect something so near and dear to a liberal's heart as a statistic that matches their belief system to be changed without a fight. Bloodbath is more like what I imagine it would be. But if our current measure of poverty is as out of whack as the originating author is claiming, we definitely need to start talking about it. Oh, and it's a damned dense article... read it and then come back and accuse me of being a Bush administration toady. I do so love it when you do that, you know.

Posted by scott at August 09, 2006 01:44 PM

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