June 27, 2006
Help! Help! I'm Being Held Captive!

Well, not exactly "held captive." More like, "am stuck in this @$#@$ hotel because I have to be downtown by 7 am every day from now until Saturday." Sort of thing. Did I mention the monsoon-like rain outside forcing me to eat hotel food?

Something tells me inveterate traveler Ron will have negative sympathy, but them's the breaks.

So right now I'm camped out in the "executive lounge." I got access because my roomie* is the convention manager's son. The broadband access is free but somewhat flakey, otherwise it's a decent enough place. Now if someone will just explain to me how an "honor bar" works?

* Yeah, roomie. Did I mention my employer is also cheap?

Posted by scott at June 27, 2006 05:24 PM

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meh - on larger conventions, my employer is just as cheap. But then again, if you're paying for rooms for 450-500 people, doubling up is a huge savings.

And yes, you get zippy sympathy from me. At least you've got internet access. I was once stuck in a hotel in northern Maine. No Starbucks for 150 miles or so. Hell, not even a restaraunt besides the hotel itself. And they even gave me an actual metal key, not the keycard you normally get.

As for the honor bar, just drink what you want but realize you'll pay roughly 250% over what it should cost. Trust me, they'll tell you what you used. It's much better to just suck it up, get wet, and make a run for a grocery and buy your own wine.

Posted by: ron on June 27, 2006 05:34 PM

I guess since you are from Arkansas you have never heard of an umbrella. It is a great invention that you should check out as it shields a decent portion of your body against rain and other precipitation. Using one of these new-fangled devices will allow you to venture out past the doors of the hotel you are in.

Posted by: Joshua on June 28, 2006 08:08 AM

yeah - but his feet would still get wet, since he doesn't own shoes.

And really, who wants his wet, hairy feet tromping through their establishment?

Posted by: ronaprhys on June 28, 2006 03:27 PM
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