June 17, 2006
My Kind of Diva

Even if they produced it, I wouldn't be able to afford it, but it shore is purty:

Just under two months ago, the Alfa Romeo Diva made itís debut at the Geneva Motor Show as a combined effort between Fiat Autoís engineering arm Elasis, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and the Espera design school run by Franco Sbarro. Directly after the Geneva Motor Show, the concept car was rebuilt by Carrozzeria Granturismo in Arese, Milan to a higher quality standard. The rebuilt prototype made its first appearance last weekend at the Villa díEste Concorso díEleganza.

I can definitely see some Enzo in it, especially in the nose, but I think it also recalls Alfa's own 33 Stradale. Nice to see them starting to really knock around concept cars again.

A movie featuring the car can be seen here.

Posted by scott at June 17, 2006 09:32 AM

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