April 28, 2006
Killer Statistics

Pat gets a no-prize with a magnifying glass for bringing us this New York Times piece detailing what that paper found when they did some detailed analysis on the Big Apple's annually published crime statistics:

The oldest killer was 88; he murdered his wife. The youngest was 9; she stabbed her friend. The women were more than twice as likely as men to murder a current spouse or lover. But once the romance was over, only the men killed their exes. The deadliest day was on July 10, 2004, when eight people died in separate homicides.

Five people eliminated a boss; 10 others murdered co-workers. Males who killed favored firearms, while women and girls chose knives as often as guns. More homicides occurred in Brooklyn than in any other borough. More happened on Saturday. And roughly a third are unsolved.

It's nearly always interesting when you take a mass of data and then run it through some basic analysis tools. It's even moreso when it's something interesting in and of itself, like murder. What you do with these statistics is more problematic, but considering that New York is experiencing crime rates not seen since the 1960s, the cops seem to be doing something right.

Posted by scott at April 28, 2006 08:57 AM

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