December 07, 2005
Of Triatheletes, True Roadies, and Spazzes

While cruising a different biking forum, I found this bit of hilarity describing what happens when TrueRoadiestm decide to "slum" by bringing along a group of Triathelets, or "tri-geeks". The results were definitely an abject lesson in the definition of "hubris":

... The light turned green, and I started across the intersection, out of the saddle and cranking hard to get ahead of the group, when one of my feet unclipped and shot out of the pedal. What happened next was later described as either a complete flip or a barrel roll in the air while still attached to my bike. Whatever it was, it was fairly spectacular, with the end result being that I wound up on my butt in the middle of a busy highway in front of a group of stunned strangers.


This was clearly a case of pride going before a fall, and I spent the rest of the ride shaking off the intense embarrassment over my self-inflicted arabesque over the asphalt. Most of my new triathlete friends wanted to know if I would do the fancy fixed-gear barrel roll dismount trick again because one of them had missed it.

Hey man, don't look at me. It's all I can do to keep from getting passed by middle-aged guys on rusty dirt bikes.

Posted by scott at December 07, 2005 08:01 PM

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