November 22, 2005
Robin Hood to the Rescue

New Scientist's weekly patent round up is lead by an innovative way to clear mines:

[Ratheon] has developed a shell containing hundreds of steel "arrows" 155 millimetres long and 15 mm in diameter that can trigger landmines with a single shot.

Each rod has a flared rear end, like the feathers of an arrow, and hundreds can be packed into a single cylindrical shell. This shell can be lobbed into a mined area and just before impact a charge behind the arrows will fire them downwards. The metal flights will keep the arrows on a straight course so that they pepper the area at high velocity and at regular spaces.

I wouldn't want to be standing under it when it went off, but if it gets rid of mines without adding explosives I'm all for it!

Posted by scott at November 22, 2005 08:50 AM

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