October 26, 2005
Well Surprise Surprise Surprise

I'm not sure who's dumber: the people in the story, or the people writing it:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 25 -- For other hurricanes, Nate and Kelly Vedrani, 27-year-old newlyweds, fled their condo in a 16-story beach tower here to take refuge elsewhere.

But for Hurricane Wilma, authorities did not issue an evacuation order for the high-rises that line the beach here, so the couple and many other residents stayed put. It was a decision they regret.
"I kept thinking we wouldn't have been in that position if there'd been an evacuation order," she said.

That's right. Don't trust past experience, don't trust common sense, don't trust all the previous reports of fantastic devestation. Trust the government. Trust the weather service. It's not like they're ever, you know, wrong about anything.

The government is not your daddy, people, and I'm getting damned tired of everyone who thinks it is. The government is there to maintain infrastructure, maintain order, and ensure the stability of the currency. Expecting it to do anything else will at best ensure disappointment and at worst ensure a police state.

Naivete being the lietmotif of liberals that it is, I find it unsurprising they are the ones most often and most deeply disappointed by the failures and unintended consequences of government action. They're sort of like a cute but "challenged" child on a playground; as long as they keep the football helmet on, their continuous collisions with the scenery shouldn't result in too much damage. It's only when they get hold of the car keys that you should really start to worry.

Because, as demonstrated above, they require someone else to tell them to get out of the way of a coming storm.

Posted by scott at October 26, 2005 01:19 PM

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"The government is not your daddy, people, and I'm getting damned tired of everyone who thinks it is."

You and me both! Florida has been hit by 7 hurricanes and suddenly when hit by number 8, people find that they need to be told to prepare or evacuate. It's maddening.

Posted by: InsaneIdiot on October 27, 2005 11:41 AM

Just stumbled upon the website after looking for my wife's website on google.....lovely to see you both have so much going on in your precious lives that you seemingly waste your time commenting about poorly written articles online that are potentially read by what....7 or 8 people...

In response to your absurdities what we meant was the warning of strentgth from the storms.....a category 1 is generally no big deal for beach front residents....a cat 3 or 4 is a different story.....warnings were for a cat 1....a 3 hit in Ft Lauderdale....if we had been forewarned for a cat 3 we would have gone elsewhere.....simple point eh...stop taking everything people say so seriously and you may actually live longer.

Posted by: subject of article on January 2, 2006 12:16 PM

Thanks for posting! You've provided yet more evidence that poor reading comprehension skills and an inflated sense of entitlement go hand in hand with reliance on the government to tell you what to do.

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on January 3, 2006 08:22 AM

Wow....you sound so intelligent!!!

Please go expend your energy elsewhere...you seem to really need a life and posting in such an obscure website you are obviously in need of some serious social interaction..... Good luck!!

Posted by: nv on January 20, 2006 12:48 PM

Two weeks, and that's the best this guy can come up with?

I was going to let this pass without comment, but the image of how Mr. Vedrani spent those two weeks is too amusing not to share. Obviously he couldn't let it go, otherwise he would never have come back to post his Pot-Kettle Award winning message. No doubt his first act involved calling all his attorneys and demanding they file lawsuits against AMCGLTD, Scott's ISP, and possibly the entire internet, only to be told after several days of case law research that he would be laughed out of court if he even tried.

A great deal more consultation later, no doubt involving the words "You're my lawyers, DO SOMETHING!" uttered at every pitch and volume imaginable, some brilliant intern probably suggested that Mr. Vedrani just insult me back, sadly proving himself overquaified for any job in the field of personal injury legal representation. Further man-hours were spent scouring thousands of blogs, possibly including message forums like "YTMND" and "4chan," in order to determine the most crushing insult imaginable, incorporating razor sharp wit and epic speculation into my personal habits, all condensed to a marvel of pith.

And that, my friends, is what you see posted above. Look upon Mr. Vedrani's works, ye bloggers, and despair!

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on January 20, 2006 05:18 PM
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