August 25, 2005
What do You Expect from the Creator of "Cop Rock"?

Jason of Countercolumn finally got a look at the critcally-acclaimed Bochco drama Over There. His reaction is about what you'd expect from someone who was actually, you know, over there:

Because even though the enemy mortar crew has foolishly decided to set a pattern by firing on the same section of road repeatedly, there is no counterbattery fire to be had, despite the fact that our Q36 and Q37 radars have the capability of acquiring the exact 10 digit grid of the mortar crew, sending the information to directly to the the self-propelled 155mm which the 3rd ID most definitely has in the inventory, and launching the ordnance at the mortar crew while the incoming shells are still in the air. (The only thing that slows us down is how fast we want to clear fires.

"Never let the facts get in the way of a good story" is the bedrock motto of Hollywood drama. From cop shows to historical dramas to science fiction to war stories, writers and producers are famously willing and able to dump inconvenient truths to get at some sort of mystical drama, all the while forgetting that in many cases it's the inconvenient truths that make the drama.

Posted by scott at August 25, 2005 01:10 PM

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