August 06, 2005
What the?!? II

Since it's now official, I can tell all... Ellen and Olivia went up to suprise Grammy (aka "tha Queen Muthah") at their family reunion. I was left with the classic "honeydo" list, which included:

  • Change brake pads (I don' wanna be tol' by th'deala'ship my brakes'is messed up again.")
  • Get new shoes ("Ya shoes'is disgusting!!!")
  • Get a haircut ("Ya hey'ah is woise!")
  • Get a new beard trimmer ("You come at me again wi' dat nest ya dead")
  • Pill the cats ("If any'a my catsis sick when I get back, ya dead!")
  • Do the laundry ("An' i'wouldbe awful nice if youse was ta do the loowandree")
  • Clean the house ("th'house could youse some pickin'up too")
  • And, you know, if I feel like it, go on a bike ride or two ("Ya should be able'ta go o-wan a nice lo-wong bike ride while wiya'gone... afta ya done ya list.")

Well, the list is already done has just one or two items checked so far*, so I might be able to do a metric century tomorrow. We'll see...

* What? You think I've been married this long and haven't learned "victim of your own success"? You have any idea how long the next list might be?!?

Posted by scott at August 06, 2005 04:07 PM

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I TOLD you that you would have fun while we were gone!

Just you wait till you see the pixes of your little girl and the fun you missed with us. Let's just say, dirt, water, melon, badmitton raquets, bocci balls (yes I won another veggie basket)and lots of other fun happened! We missed you! :)

Posted by: ellen on August 6, 2005 10:08 PM

It was such a great surprise. Thanks so much, it really made the day extra special. "O" was great.
And, oh yes, Ellen and I are Champions of the bocci ball contest.

Posted by: Queen Mother on August 7, 2005 06:55 PM
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