August 01, 2005
“Just mash the gas?” “Ja, mash.”

Any road test of a car like this:

The very long doors open straight out like a normal car, no gullwing or Lambo-style function here. The cockpit is lined in black carbon fiber and leather with bright red carbon fiber inserts on the dash and doors and bright red piping on the seats. The four-point belts are also bright red and click in a center buckle like a race car. Two big pedals in the driver’s footwell—brake and gas—have rubber grippy pads inserted. The shifter is no more complex than a straightforward automatic.

There are no cupholders.

Is going to be one helluva road test. So come, dear reader, and take joy in the glorious one-offness that is the Maybach Exelero. Will they produce it? Only automotive journalists, who don't actually have to pay for the cars they drive, would even bother asking. The rest of us, well, I've always wondered what a mortgage-payment-per-week that can travel 218 mph would look like, haven't you?

Posted by scott at August 01, 2005 11:46 AM

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