July 22, 2005
And the Mountain Goes, "Boom Boom Boom"

Pat gets a dangerously unstable no-prize for bringing us news of Mt. St. Helens's latest shenanigans:

A series of unusually strong earthquakes exceeding magnitude 3 has been reported in recent days by the Cascades Volcano Laboratory in Vancouver, Wash., about 50 miles south of the mountain. The latest was a magnitude 3.1 quake early Thursday that was accompanied by a rockfall.

Rockfalls during the quakes send up plumes of ash. Some tower thousands of feet above the 8,364-foot crater rim; a March plume reached 30,000 feet, raising concerns about area air traffic. Some plumes don't escape the crater and some wispy, gritty puffs crest just above the rim.

Now, far as I can remember, you can stomp your feet and get a 3.0 earthquake out of it if the sensor is next to you. So "strong" seems to be pretty relative here. Still, if said 3.0 earthquake is strong enough to shake apart fragile yet multi-tonned bits of mountain and send them crashing down slopes like God's own bowling alley, well, I'll just stand back here and watch then, thank you!

Posted by scott at July 22, 2005 11:46 AM

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Mount St. Helens Webcam

NOTE: Link won't work because the "questionable content" filter doesn't like the domain. Sooo... cut-n-paste the link, then replace the "*" in "www.fs.fed.*s" with the letter "u". Sheeesh!

Posted by: Old Grouch on July 23, 2005 02:11 PM
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