July 19, 2005
Baghdaddy, Baby

Seems every time we find a good soldier's blog about Iraq he gets rotated back home two weeks later. Good for them, not quite so good for us. Still, for every soldier who rotates in, another rotates out. Out in the field now we have a blogger from Texas giving us his own view of Iraq:

After lunch we settled back into the sitting room where the conversation quickly turned to "what have you done for us lately", which is remarkably similar to the one we had the other day. We understand that there are important issues they need help with ... But one of the problems we contiually run into is that they ask for something different every week. CPT Walton vehemently tried to explain that if something is really, really imporant this week, then that same something should still be really, really important next week. In other words, let's try to focus on one thing at a time until we get it done. Unfortunaltey, there are too many chiefs, or in this case sheiks, that are trying to there pet project pressed through.

Wait a minute...I just realized that sounds a lot like something we have back in the U.S.

It's called congress.

Highly recommended.

Posted by scott at July 19, 2005 12:53 PM

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